November 1, 2, & 3, 2017

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Martin Lensink

Martin Lensink

Company: CEM Engineering
Position: Principle-In-Charge

Boilers & Energy Management

Applications for Cogeneration
Martin Lensink is a Senior Mechanical Engineer who specializes in thermal power engineering, energy engineering and energy management. Martin has over 30+ years of experience in helping energy intensive customers manage energy through technology. He specializes in the development of high efficiency cogeneration systems based on combustion gas turbines, steam turbines, and internal combustion engines.
Martin founded CEM Engineering in 2001. Martin decided to establish an engineering consulting firm, focusing primarily on cogeneration and energy management with the goal of providing solutions to the energy and environmental sectors.  At CEM Engineering, our goal is to help our clients increase earnings by reducing energy use and energy cost. We specialize in Cogeneration and Energy Management solutions, thus our name. We provide industry specific knowledge in a small branch of mechanical engineering known as “thermal power”. Since 2001, we have grown to a firm of 42 persons. Our core competencies are in six specific areas: Cogeneration, Energy Management; Power Generation; Boilers; Biomass/Biogas; and District Energy.
Prior to starting CEM Engineering, Martin was the Manager of Gas Turbine projects for Toromont Energy; he served as both Regional Sales Manager and as Manager of Canadian Operations for Rolls-Royce/U.S. Turbine Corporation; he was Senior Mechanical Engineer with SNC/W.P. London & Associates; and he held a number of positions with Union Gas in Chatham, Ontario.


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